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Testing and Storage Features

A representative sample is retained as the load is transferred from the collection truck to one of twelve 6,000 gallon dedicated "day tanks". Samples are analyzed by an independent laboratory for levels of the following used oil contaminants:

  • Halogens

  • Chromium

  • PCB's

  • Water

  • Lead

  • Flash Point

  • Arsenic Sulfur

  • Ash

  • Cadmium

  • Gravity


Laboratory parameters and test procedures include the following:


In accordance with EPA-SW846-8082


Coulometric Titration


Coulometric Titration

Chlorine Water

In accordance with ASTM D-95

Flash Point

In accordance with ASTM D-95

API Gravity

In accordance with ASTM D-95


In accordance with ASTM D-95

Ash Content

In accordance with ASTM D-95

Elemental Analysis


Other Contaminates

Screened by FTIR


An additional retained sample is taken and retained through the recycling life of the product.


Once the sample report details that the referenced batch is free of hazardous levels of contaminants, the entire "day tank" contents are transferred to larger storage tanks for energy recovery.



Customers receive an invoice denoting date of sample, date of pickup, and amount of product collected. All invoice and manifest data is detailed into one simple document. Annual collection gallonage reports are available upon request.


Non-approved product will be document and disposed of at a RCRA permitted facility.

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