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Safely hauling oil to protect the environment!


Collection Services

Recycling of Industrial and Automotive Oils

  • Certain quantities of industrial oils may be a candidate for filtration, drying, and be refortified successfully making them suitable for reuse. Upon analyzation of a representative sample and review of the reuse application and determination could easily be made as to the economic value of the recycling project.


Industrial and Automotive Coolants

  • Industrial coolants and oil/water are collected, manifested, and disposed through a certified treatment center. These products are processed by separating the water from the oil. The water is treated and disposed of and the oil is recycled in accordance with EPA guidelines.​


Collection Procedures:

  • Signed collection contract between Valley Environmental and our customer.

  • Customer's waste stream sample is analyzed and certified prior to first collection.

  • Driver will field test for halogens, through the use of a handheld halogen testing device or "Clor-D-Tect".

  • Beginning and ending tank truck levels are recorded with each collection and documented on the manifest.

  • All collections are manifested.

Re-Distribution Services

Certified product will generally be destined for use in "for energy recovery" markets. All products will be loaded and shipped via fully insured certified carriers.


Specifications for used fuel oil when burned for energy recovery:


Used Oil



5 ppm max

5 PPM max


2 PPM max

2 PPM max


10 PPM max

10 PPM max


100 PPM max

100 PPM max

Flash Point

100 degrees F min

140 degrees F min

Total Halogens

4,000 PPM max*

1,000 PPM max


Not detectable


*The specification does not apply to mixtures of used oil and hazardous waste that continue to be regulated as hazardous waste (see 279.10(b))


Used oil containing more than 1,000 PPM total halogen is presumed to be a hazardous waste under the rebuttable presumption provided under 279.10 (b) (1). Such used oil is subject to subpart H of part 266 of this chapter rather than this part when burned for energy recovery unless the presumption of mixing can be successfully rebutted.

Additional Services

Absorbant Products

  • Valley Environmental offers a full line of clay, cellulose and fiber absorbents. They are available in a variety of sizes to fit your specific needs.


Used Oil Filter Recycling Program

  • Used oil filters can be converted from waste to reusable scrap steel which allows the generator exempted relief from disposing of the filters as hazardous waste under 40CFR.4(b)13 and 40CFR261.6(a)3(iv).In order to accept used filters for smelting without presenting danger to personnel or equipment, steel smelters enforce strict specifications that require processing well beyond the practical capabilities of the average automotive service center generating used oil filters. THE VALLEY ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES PROGRAM IS DESIGNED TO MEET THESE STRICT SPECIFICATIONS.


Used Anti-Freeze Collections

  • Valley Environmental offers anti-freeze collection for used anti-freeze for generators of used engine coolants. It is considered non-hazardous and is classified as non-hazardous waste. Valley Environmental provides collection through exchange of 55 gallon drums when full or a "pick up" can be arranged via collection trucks.  All product is stored in a dedicated tank and is properly recycled by a certified treatment center.

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