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Tank Farm Features

Safely storing oil to protect the environment!

The Valley Environmental tank farm is totally enclosed inside of a steel building with all loading and unloading procedures performed under-roof.


The Valley Environmental tank farm has a capacity of 1.75 million gallons with secondary containment to meet state and federal guidelines.


The Valley Environmental tank farm design for venting, plumbing and tank facility has been approved by local and state fire safety codes in accordance with the federal guidelines of NFPA 30.


The Valley Environmental tank farm has a SPCC plan in place, with additional diking to hold 100% of the farm's combined tanks total capacity to further protect against any possible ground water contamination.


The used oil received from our customers is stored in large holding tanks at several locations in eastern and central Iowa.

  • Newton, Iowa 1,200,000 gallons 

  • North Liberty, Iowa 200,000 gallons 

  • Burlington, Iowa 350,000 gallons 


At the storage facilities, the used oil is tested. 


The storage facility is located in Newton, Iowa and then transported to the asphalt plants within our company. We are presently burning more than three million gallons of used oil yearly, and we plan on expanding our facilities in the future. We have built an outdoor tank to hold an additional 750,000 gallons. 


Our affiliated companies burn the oil during production. Another service Valley Environmental offers our customers is oil filter and antifreeze recycling. Our drivers pick up oil filters from the customer location and they are stored at one of our storage facilities, before being transported to Iowa Gold in Central City, Iowa. The filters are crushed, baled, cooked and sent to various steel mills to be reused in the production of steel. Polyfreeze, Inc. in Troy, Indiana recycles the antifreeze.

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